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It all started when when my husband one day bought me a handmade necklace set made by his co-worker’s wife.  I thought oh I can make this.  At first I started with just earrings.   Then I wanted to really make them unique, so no one would have them but me.  Through trying to make one of a kind jewelry, I came up with my magnetic earrings.  Recently I’ve been making more snap on Interchangeable Jewelry I call “Snap The Dangles”!

The reason why I wanted to make the dangle part interchangeable is because for people with sensitive ears at first.  My sister is one of those who have really sensitive ears.  So, I made her an earring where the top part I call my earring connector stays on her ears that it’s made of niobium for really sensitive ears.  She then can wear and leave on her ear while the dangle part she can interchange.

When making my jewelry I came up with the concept of making the larger interchangeable earrings into pendents also.  This way one of the earring can be used as a pendent without having to take the necklace off your neck and sliding the pendent in.  Now you can remove by snap or magnetic.  Recently I have come to do more of the snap on style since it feels more secure.  I still make magnetic upon request though.

Furthermore, my necklaces can all become work badge necklaces if you attach the Lanyard Hook.

I also started working on new trend of personalized necklaces.  Sterling silver is pricey, so I decided to use stainless steel chains, headpins, jump rings, and clasps.  I work with mostly aluminum metal blanks shaped in hearts, circles, washers, and other shapes.  

I love making handmade jewelry, because handmade items seem so much special and are always made with love!

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